Hello! We are ShipLab

eCommerce and 3PL fulfillment specialists based in San Diego, CA.

We were a group of entrepreneurs running small to medium sized eCommerce businesses. Life was good. We worked for ourselves, but in actuality, we worked just to ship orders all day. Vacations? Nope, who is going to ship out products if we’re gone?

It wasn’t until we really ran the numbers to see how much time and money fulfilling our own orders was actually costing us. It wasn’t pretty.

After looking for a fulfillment center we found ourselves feeling like they all lacked a key understanding of the “non-fulfillment side”, which was vital for a successful partnership. So we started our own, called it ShipLab, and set sail to change the expectations of fulfillment.

ShipLab is a San Diego based fulfillment center that is focused on providing simple and effective order fulfillment and inventory management to help entrepreneurs focus on growing their business, not just maintaining it.



eCommerce orders received before 3pm EST are picked, packed, and shipped same day.



We proudly maintain a shipment and inventory accuracy of over 99%. Let’s be real, mis-shipments make us all look dumb.



All product is stored at our San Diego based warehouse for quick easy access… and good weather.



We use the latest software to directly connect to your store. Smarter technology means lower costs for you. No “software fees” here.


Two of the most difficult parts in finding the best fulfillment center are flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re a large established brand, or just getting off the ground, we’ve got a place for you, not many 3PLs can say that! Some of the brands we work with include:

“We’ve worked with FOUR fulfillment warehouses since 2015 and have experienced our share of disappointments and frustrations over the years. At each, we’ve had issues with inaccurately maintained inventory quantities, communication, on-time shipping, reliability, and so on. Finally, in stepped ShipLab. They have given us peace of mind and drastically minimized our workload with their automated systems and methodical organization. We now count on ShipLab to provide all order fulfillment, return processing, and inventory management with ease. They’ve allowed us to shift our focus back to brand growth and our customers have repeatedly mentioned how quickly their orders are shipped. When it comes to reliability, ShipLab is where it’s at.

More Than a Label on a Box

In theory, what we do is pretty darn simple, but there’s much more to it.

When you think of fulfillment you probably think of “grab this, put it in the box, stick a label on it, and we’re done.” The truth is, without a full understanding of selling online and the needed systems/software, you’ll find yourself missing inventory, double shipping product, and overpaying for shipping in no time. Our goal is to offer a variety of services to completely support your business’s logistics needs…and then some.

eCommerce Pick & Pack

Spend time doing what you’re best at, generating sales. We’ll connect to your eCommerce store and automatically ship out all orders quickly and accurately.

LTL Warehousing & Fulfillment (3PL)

Don’t risk the chargebacks that can come with shipping to the big boys. Our team has the experience shipping to Nordstrom, Tilly’s, Zulily, Zappos, and other big box retailers. Trust us, a label in the right spot matters.

FDA Registered & ABC Type 14 License

Our facility is FDA registered and we hold an active California Type 14 liquor license. Need a provider that can help you from sending initial product samples all the way to full LTL order fulfillment for your alcohol or food brand? Cheers!

Amazon FBA & FBM

For how easy ordering on Prime is, you’d think selling on Amazon would be easy. With years of experience under our belt across multiple industries, our team has the experience to not just handle all the labeling, prep, and fulfillment needs, we can also completely set up and manage your entire Amazon presence.

Project Based Fulfillment

Just finished your Kickstarter? Have a big promo shipment that needs to be sent out to thousands of people? All we need are a few details and we’ll handle the rest so you can work on your next big push.

Kitting & Special Projects

Holiday box prep, return processing, labeling, or some other unique logistics challenge? We’ve got you covered.

Can We Connect to Your Online Store?

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Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Fully Custom API, you name it and we've done it. With over 70 pre-built integrations and the ability to support custom feeds, our system can connect to almost any marketplace or shopping cart.

What Our Clients Say

“Let your team know they are legends 🙌🏻. Appreciate everything you do.”

- Sunny Co. Clothing


Fair prices. Deeply discounted shipping. Top notch service.

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Fulfillment pricing shouldn’t be a one size fits all model, but don’t worry, we’re not going to make you write a research paper on your brand. Simply fill out this form and a team member will get a few answers from you, then follow up with a quote in 24-48hrs.


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